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Chief Warrant Officer John Dough
As Chief Warrant Officer, Chief Dough is responsible for the day to day operations of all matters relating to criminal and civil warrants issued by the Superior Court, including Bureau of Criminal Identification warrant input and execution of criminal warrants by our Detective Bureau, Fugitive Squad, Juvenile Squad, Non-Support Squad, Domestic Violence Squads and execution of civil warrants by our Civil Process Division. Chief Dough also plays a major departmental role in providing input to our Information Technology Division.

Undersheriff Kevin Ryan
Undersheriff Ryan supervises the day to day operations of all aspects of the department's Field Operations Division, including the Bureau of Narcotics, the Patrol Division and its Criminal Investigative Detective Bureau, our Bomb Squad and K-9 Unit, the Office of Emergency Management and Fleet Management.

Undersheriff James Pitts
Undersheriff Pitts supervises the daily activities of Courts, Security and Transportation Divisions.
Undersheriff Jesus Padilla
Undersheriff Padilla supervises the operations of our Civil Process Division.
Deputy Chief James R. Spango
Deputy Chief Spango oversees the Business Administration of the department. Major areas of responsibility encompass Accounting, Budget Preparation & Control, Fiscal control of Contracts, Human Resources/Personnel, Internal Controls, Labor Relations and Negotiation, Payroll, Purchasing/Acquisition, Facility Management, Billing and Collection of Fees, Outside Employment and Risk Management..

Director Garey Chin
As Director of Homeland Security, Director Chin is charged with the supervision, coordination, and administration of all Essex County counter-terrorism efforts and initiatives. Director Chin is also the administrator of the Essex County Homeland Security grant program and he is the on-scene Commander of the sheriff's Tactical Response Team.
Captain John Napolitano
Captain of our Internal Affairs Division, Captain Napolitano supervises the Internal Affairs Unit. This unit is tasked with investigating officer misconduct which may occur internally or by way of citizen complaint. The Internal Affairs Unit also conducts investigations concerning threats against judicial personnel and elected county officials. This unit also administers random drug testing of departmental personnel and conducts background investigations on all potential new hires.