Halloween: Be Safe Not Sorry PDF Print E-mail

Newark – Due to hundreds of downed electrical wires, thousands of downed trees, additional fallen branches, structural damage to businesses and residents, the Essex County Office of Emergency Management coordinator Sheriff Armando Fontoura and County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo advise all Essex County parents and guardians to modify all Halloween door-to-door trick or treat events and to impose their own curfew on their children and themselves.

“Hurricane Sandy has put us in jeopardy,” Sheriff Fontoura noted.  “Live electrical wires that are not always visible under leaves and dangling tree branches are a real hazard to public safety.”


            County Executive DiVincenzo urged adults to alter Halloween plans for their children.  “As with last year’s massive snowstorm at this time of year, our children will be safer if they wait until we have made Essex County’s infrastructure safe for normal conditions.”