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Bureau of Narcotics
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Detectives from the Bureau of Narcotics regularly train officers from municipal police departments in undercover drug operations and surveillance. The knowledge gained by the police departments has proven to be invaluable in recognizing and disrupting the sale of illegal narcotics in our communities.

During a three-month venture with the Orange Police Department, called the “Orange Safe Streets Initiative,” Orange police officers worked alongside SBON detectives and executed more than 100 drug arrests. Similar initiatives have been conducted with the North Caldwell, West Caldwell, Roseland and Essex Fells police departments.

In order to maintain an open dialogue with Essex County residents, SBON detectives regularly participate in neighborhood civic meetings and provide effective crime prevention and substance abuse advice to community organizations.

Since Essex County is a major global transportation hub, illegal drug traffickers will continue to seek the quickest, easiest and safest route to our door. In their efforts to combat this menace, the Bureau of Narcotics has apprehended well over 10,000 drug dealers, resulting in nearly 40,000 criminal charges over the past decade. SBON detectives also target those who buy drugs in Essex County. A statistical analysis of drug buyer arrests reveals that nearly 25% of the buyers come into Essex County from other parts of New Jersey and states as far away as Virginia and Georgia.

During this same ten-year period, SBON detectives seized more than $10 million in heroin, cocaine, marijuana, date rape drugs and other controlled dangerous substances. SBON officers have confiscated hundreds upon hundreds of weapons, including illegal assault weapons. In shutting down illegal drug manufacturing, processing, distribution and sales operations, SBON detectives have also seized hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug contaminated currency and other assets, including vehicles and personal property, from narcotics traffickers which the courts have declared forfeit.

Recouped illegal drug monies and other assets are placed into the public treasury.