The Essex County Sheriff's Office

"Providing Safety and Security to New Jersey's Largest and Busiest Superior Court Vicinage; and Law Enforcement, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Services to the Essex County Community."

Our Mission Statement

The Essex County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to fulfilling its constitutional mandates to the courts and our community.

Our constitutional mandates require that our courts function in a safe and secure environment; that prisoners are expeditiously transported to and from court proceedings; that criminal records are maintained to insure the positive identification of defendants; that fugitives from justice are apprehended and brought before the court; and that civil warrants, summonses, writs and complaints are executed in a timely manner.

In recognizing our responsibility to provide the very best law enforcement and public safety services to our community, the Essex County Sheriff’s Office shares its broad scope of high quality and specialized resources with all municipal police departments and community groups.

Some of these resources include our Bureau of Narcotics, Bomb Squad, K-9 Unit, Ballistics Laboratory, Mobile Command Post, Tactical Response Team and our radio interoperable communications system.

Additionally, our Office of Emergency Management directs the “all hazards” response plan to any natural or man-made disaster situation. Our Office of Homeland Security has the responsibility of working with State and Federal law enforcement agencies with regards to the investigation of all terrorism threat intelligence, warnings, watch lists and alert bulletins from the Federal Department of Homeland Security. The New Jersey Office of Homeland Security within the Sheriff’s Office is also responsible for the administration and coordination of all Federal and State Homeland Security grants awarded to the County of Essex.