Suspected Drug Dealers & Buyers Arrested

Newark – Two suspected drug dealers, their two juvenile accomplices, and three drug buyers were arrested today in two separate incidents by Essex County sheriff’s detectives.

Sheriff Armando Fontoura stated that officers from his department’s Bureau of Narcotics conducted surveillance operations at two known high activity drug trafficking areas in the city this afternoon.

Sheriff Fontoura said that Stephen Crane Village was the first location for the on-going BON investigations. Fontoura added that BON detectives observed two alleged hand-to-hand narcotics transactions between passersby and Dawoo Council, age 22, and his 16-year-old male accomplice shortly after noon today.

When the sheriff’s officers announced their presence and searched the two suspects the juvenile was found to be carrying 24 vials of ‘crack’ cocaine and Council was holding two glassine envelopes of heroin.

At that point, Council and the juvenile were placed under arrest. Multiple narcotics charges were filed against both suspects and Council was additionally charged with employing a juvenile in a drug distribution scheme.

There were negative results to a canvass of the area for the buyers.

Newark municipal court Judge Arthur Batista set Council’s bail at $75,000 and he was lodged at the county jail were he awaits arraignment on today’s charges. The juvenile was housed in the Essex County Youth Detention Facility where he awaits a hearing in Family Court.

Later today, sheriff’s BON detectives conducted a second surveillance operation in the area of 152 Parker Street at 2:00 p.m..

Here, the BON detectives observed two suspected sales of narcotics to three female buyers.

During these incidents, Aljuwar Derrick, age 33, would flash hand signals to his 17-year-old male accomplice who stood across the street. The juvenile would then enter an adjoining driveway, lift a piece of wood adjacent to a brick wall and return with unidentified items in his hand which were exchanged for cash.

The three females buyers were followed, detained and searched. All three were found to be in possession of vials of ‘crack’ cocaine and arrested.

Sheriff Fontoura said the BON detectives moved in on Derrick and the juvenile and detained them while the driveway was searched. Under the wood the sheriff’s officers discovered thirty-eight vials of ‘crack’ cocaine which matched the vials seized from the female buyers.

Multiple narcotics trafficking charges were filed against Derrick and his juvenile accomplice. Derrick was also charged with employing a juvenile in a drug distribution scheme.

The three suspected female buyers, Jacqueline Coviel, age 38, Kitay Taylor, age 30, and Lakesha Berry, age 39, all of Newark, were each charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance. The women were released and will be advised of their court date on today’s charges.

Derrick’s bail was set at $100,000 by Judge Batista. Derrick was lodged in the county jail where he awaits arraignment. The juvenile was housed in the youth detention facility and awaits a hearing in Family Court.