Sheriff's K-9 Recovers Missing, Unconscious, Epileptic Child

Newark – A missing 15-year-old female student, suffering from epilepsy, was located late yesterday afternoon by a K-9 team from the Essex County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Armando Fontoura said that Newark police contacted his department shortly before 4:00 p.m. on Thursday and requested that a tracking canine be dispatched to North Star Academy Middle School, located at 600 Clinton Avenue.

Upon arrival, Detective Tahir Brown was advised that the female student who has a history of wandering away had gone missing.

K-9 “Mac”, a tracking bloodhound and a three year veteran of the sheriff’s department, obtained a scent from the girl’s jacket which had been left behind in her classroom. “Mac” tracked west on Clinton Avenue to Ingraham Place and finally to Van Ness Place where the child was discovered lying unconscious on the ground.

“Our canines are invaluable to our department and our community,” Fontoura noted. “This incident could have resulted in tragedy if it were not for ‘Mac’ and his handler, Detective Brown.”

The student was rushed to Newark Beth Israel Medical Center where she received treatment.