Suspects Arraigned on Drug Charges

Newark – Three suspects were arraigned today on drug charges following their arrests on Sunday by Essex County sheriff’s detectives.

Sheriff Armando Fontoura stated that his department’s Bureau of Narcotics conducted a surveillance operation, based upon numerous neighborhood complaints of drug trafficking, at the intersection of 4th Avenue and North 12th Street early yesterday morning.

At that time, the sheriff’s BON detectives observed three males loitering in the area.

When Shawn Seldon, age 42, approached the three suspects he engaged in conversation with Tevin Wiley, age 21. Wiley then removed an item from his pocket and exchanged it with Seldon for cash.

Seldon was followed and detained. He was found to be in possession of one glassine envelope of heroin, stamped “IRAQ” in red ink. Seldon was then placed under arrest.

Sheriff Fontoura said the BON detectives continued to observe the suspects and on two other occasions as both Matthew Majette, age 22, and, Shawn Rouse, 21, entered a parked 2003 Honda Accord and removed items from a purple handbag. On both occasions the items were exchanged for cash.

Believing they had witnessed additional drug transactions, the sheriff’s detectives announced their presence and moved in to further investigate.

At this time, Majette was inside the Honda while Rouse and Wiley were immediately detained.

Majette then threw the purple handbag outside the vehicle and attempted to flee the scene on foot.

Majette was soon tackled to the ground but he continued to strike the sheriff’s officers with his fists and legs. The suspect was subdued, handcuffs were applied and Majette was placed under arrest.

Wiley was found to be in possession of an additional nine glassine envelopes of heroin, also stamped “IRAQ” in red ink. The purple handbag was found to contain 436 decks of heroin and 58 vials of ‘crack’ cocaine. The street value of the narcotics seized during the arrests is in excess of $5,000.

Majette and Rouse were both charged with two counts each of possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of CDS with intent to distribute, possession of CDS with intent to distribute within 1000 feet of North 13 Street School and one count of conspiracy to violate New Jersey’s narcotics laws. Majette was additionally charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.

Rouse was charged with possession of CDS, possession of CDS with intent to distribute and possession of CDS with intent to distribute within 1000 feet of North 13th Street School.

Seldon was charged with possession of CDS. He was also found to be the subject of an open warrant held by the Essex County Sheriff’s Office for the destruction of evidence and an open warrant issued by the Belleville municipal court.

At today’s arraignment, Judge Richard Nunes ordered Majette and Rouse held at the county jail in lieu of $200,000 cash bond only. Wiley was ordered held at the jail in lieu of $25,000 bail. Seldon’s bail was set at $15,000 by Judge Diana Montes and he awaits arraignment of his drug possession charge.