Detective Division

The Detective Division is the investigative arm of the Essex County Sheriff’s Office. The mission of the Detective Division includes: the apprehension of fugitives, both adults and juveniles, and their return to the jurisdiction of the Superior Court; locating non-fugitive missing persons; the arrest of persons in violation of Family Court support orders; and the delivery and enforcement of domestic violence Temporary Restraining Orders issued by the Superior Court.

Senior detectives are assigned to federal, state and regional law enforcement task forces operating in Essex County. On these task forces Essex County Sheriff’s detectives work in close harmony with officers and agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Secret Service, the Drug Enforcement Administration, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, the United States Marshals Service, and the New Jersey State Police. The task forces concentrate on a broad scope of criminal activity, including gangs, gun and narcotics trafficking, fugitive apprehension, street crime, white collar crime and bank robbery. Essex County Sheriff’s detectives are also assigned to the Essex/Union Auto Theft Task Force, the Essex County Street Crimes Unit and Essex County Prosecutor’s Gang Task Force.

Since crime, criminal activity, the tracking of fugitives, and gang violence are a 24-hour a day business, the night Detective Division follows up on cases initiated by detectives who work the day tour. Detectives working nights also develop their own leads on cases which, for various reasons, are more appropriately investigated during evening, late night and early morning hours.

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