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Call 911 for anything that related to an emergency such as:

  • Crime occurring now
  • Car crash
  • Drunk driver
  • Anything you believe to be a danger to you or others

Call 973-621-4111 for non-emergencies such as:

  • Past offenses
  • Traffic concerns
  • Other non-urgent requests for service

To find out if someone is incarcerated, contact the Essex County Correctional Facility at 973-274-7500. Unlike some other counties, the Sheriff’s Office and Essex County Corrections are independent of each other.

The owner of the towed vehicle must present a valid license, valid registration and insurance card in person to the Detective Division on the 2nd floor of the Veterans Court House. Failure to meet any one of these four requirements will preclude you from obtaining the release of your vehicle.

You can either call the Essex County Correctional Facility or the court clerk of the judge you are scheduled to appear before. To contact the judge’s chambers, call the Court Administrator at 973-776-9300 ext 55701/55702, or look up the phone number in the blue pages or on the internet. For more information, go tohttp://www.judiciary.state.nj.us/essex/index.htm.

The Sheriff’s Office is open 24/7 as is any other law enforcement office.

Contact Jury Control at 973-776-9300 ext 56887. For more information, go to

A secured juror parking lot is located between 13th and South Orange Avenues. Please take a ticket upon entering the facility. Jurors must have the parking ticket validated to avoid the $10.00 parking fee. Bring your parking ticket with you when reporting for jury service. Validation machines are located in the Jury Assembly Area.

You can take a New Jersey Transit bus or train. For NJT bus and train schedules, call 800-772-2222. Bus schedules are also available in the Jury Management Office or in the Information and Community Relations Center, located on the first floor in Room 132 of the courthouse.

On March 15, 2008, the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office issued new guidelines for persons seeking fingerprinting service for a variety of purposes, including Good Conduct, Immigration, Naturalization, Personal Record, Visa, Expungement, International Adoption Requiring Notarization, Foreign Business Requiring Notarization and Employment.

The NJ Attorney General’s directive advises all fingerprint services applicants to utilize the New Jersey State Police vendor Sagem Morpho.

Applicants may aaccess Sagem Morpho on-line at www.bioapplicant.com/nj ir via telephone at 1-877-503-5981.  The TTY telephone number is 1-800-673-0353.

The telephone number for the New Jersey State Police is 609-882-2000.

For non-emergencies, you may file a report over the phone. If the complaint is about the Sheriff’s Office or an incident that occurred on county property, the Sheriff’s Office will take the report. Depending on the case, we will either send a patrol car or the complainant can come to the courthouse or the Patrol Division (located at 115 Clinton Avenue, Newark) to file the report.

To obtain a police report, you must come to the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) located on the 2nd floor of the Veterans Court House. You must bring a photo ID as proof that your name is listed on the report. You will not be given the report if you are not the person involved. The cost is $2.00 per page, payable by check or money order. CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED. If you are a county employee, the police report may be faxed to you upon request.

Contact your local police department from which the restraining order was issued. If the police department cannot answer your inquiry, contact the Sheriff’s Office for information.

To find out if a warrant has been issued in your name, go to the Sheriff’s Office in person. If you cannot go in person, call the Sheriff’s Office at 973-621-4111.

A warrant can be issued upon failure to appear for a court appearance, non payment of child support, unpaid traffic tickets or upon a judge’s discretion.

If someone uses your name to commit identity theft, contact the Prosecutor’s Office at 973-621-4700.

Most likely, a detective from the Sheriff’s Office will come to your residence concerning an important court matter. For further information, call 973-621-4111.

A deputy sheriff is a unpaid volunteer who personally underwites the entire cost of his or her training at the Essex County College Police Academy and the cost of all uniforms, equipment, and gear.  Sheriff’s deputy candidates undergo the exact same physical and psychological examinations adn criminal background checks as their paid counterparts.  Police Academy training runs approximately six months and is conducted on weekday nights and Saturdays.

For further information about our Deputy Division, see the link on this website or call 973-621-4105 Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Alternate Route Program is designed for persons who wish to become a law enforcement officer but have not yet gained employment with a police agency.  While the Alternate Route Program for 2011 has been suspended check back with the Essex County College Police Academy website at  www.eccpa.org for updates.

To get a letter of good conduct you can contact your local municipal police department or contact Criminal Records at 973-776-9300 ext 55931.

Unfortunately, the Sheriff’s Office is precluded from assisting our citizens in this manner. We can refer you to a towing agency or AAA upon request.

To grill in the parks you must obtain a permit from Parks and Recreation at

Your NJ bar code (nine-digit number) and the date you were sworn into the bar.  If you do not know your number, call the Bar Examiners office at 609-984-2111.

The ECSO derives its authority from the New Jersey State Constitution and its immediate jurisdiction spans all of Essex County. Notwithstanding the previous statement, Essex County Sheriff’s officers have full law enforcement powers throughout the entire state of New Jersey.

Contact the Foreclosure Section at 973-621-2694.

A listing of Foreclosure Sales can be found here.