Sheriff's Officer Disrupts Robbery PDF Print E-mail

Newark – Before reporting to the Essex County Sheriff’s Bureau of Criminal Identification on June 1st for his day shift assignment Officer Jason Haase was enroute to a local Dunkin’ Donuts for an early morning cup of java as is his custom.

On his way to the coffee shop Officer Haase spotted a male suspect who attacked a 19-year-old female and stole her purse. Haase immediately jumped from his car, announced his presence and chased the suspect for two blocks before tackling him to the ground.

During an ensuing struggle, the suspect grabbed for Haase’s holstered service weapon which discharged, grazing the officer’s buttocks then ricocheting off his wallet and hitting his leg.

The suspect ran from the scene. Haase who recovered the woman’s purse was treated at a local hospital and released later in the day.

Before reporting to work the next day, Officer Haase uneventfully got his coffee before start of his morning shift.

Working with DNA evidence which was obtained from the victim’s fingernails, it was determined that the suspect was Fernadit Carpio, age 22, of Newark. Carpio had been in an Orlando jail since July 6th when he was charged with an unrelated attempted murder and sexual assault in Florida.

The shooting of Officer Haase marks the third time since November 2009 that an off-duty Essex County sheriff’s officer has been shot.

Sheriff Fontoura praised Haase’s actions on June 1st, saying he “did everything he was supposed to do. His weapon was properly holstered. He just ran into a desperate man out there.” Haase, he added, “was at the right place at the right time.”