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The Essex County Sheriff’s Crimestoppers program is designed to encourage cooperation between citizens and the law enforcement community to help solve crimes. Crimestoppers offers the public direct and easy access to law enforcement, using anonymity, if preferred, and cash rewards as incentives.

Persons who have information about crimes, criminal activity or wanted persons can call our 24-hour telephone hotline (973) 877-TIPS. A Sheriff’s officer will answer the hotline, record all pertinent crime or fugitive information and forward that information to the proper law enforcement agency for investigation.

When a person calls Crimestoppers, he or she is assigned a code number which becomes his or her only identity in reference to the criminal matter at hand. At no time will anyone ask for the caller’s name although some callers prefer to give that information.

The person calling Crimestoppers will be asked to call back at regular intervals, again using only his or her code number as a means of identity, to learn of the status of the particular case. Under normal circumstances, the person calling Crimestoppers will be eligible for a cash reward, sometimes as much as $10,000 or higher, upon the arrest of the suspect or suspects. Arrangements will then be made for the caller to collect the cash reward, again using only his or her code number, at a local bank.

Crimestoppers is a non-profit corporation, funded by contributions from businesses and the private sector at no cost to local taxpayers, and is administered by a volunteer civilian board of directors who oversees the routine business affairs, controls the finances, and determines reward amounts and method of payment.

Over the years, anonymous tips from callers to Crimestoppers in Essex County have helped solve murder, kidnapping, drug, weapons and fugitive cases. These cases include the serial shooting deaths of Newark cab drivers, the notorious bank robber known as “The Hat Bandit,” the stabbing death of an elderly Montclair woman, the murder of a security guard and the safe return of a teenage female kidnap victim.

The Essex County Sheriff’s Crimestoppers is affiliated with Crimestoppers International, a concept founded in New Mexico in 1976. Nationwide, Crimestoppers has solved thousands of cases and has recovered millions of dollars in illegal narcotics and stolen property. The conviction rate for Crimestoppers cases is 97%.

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