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Essex County Sheriff’s Office


March 22, 2018

Contact: Sheriff Armando Fontoura (973) 621-4105

 Irvington – NYPD detectives and officers from the Essex County Sheriff’s Tactical Response Team yesterday arrested a male suspect with an extensive criminal background who was wanted on gun charges by New York authorities.

“The NYPD officers developed information that the sufirst-floorl Handy, 30, of Brooklyn, was living with a family member on Sheridan Street in Irvington.” Sheriff Armando Fontoura stated.  “The New York officers also advised us that Handy was likely to again be armed with a weapon.”

The task force arrived at the residence at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday and surrounded the building.  The sheriff’s TRT team, armed with an arrest warrant, knocked on the door and ware let in to the home by Handy’s sister.

“Upon initiating our search for Handy, our detectives observed the barefooted suspect, dressed only in his underwear shorts, jump out a first-floor window into the driving snowstorm and into the arms of awaiting officers,” Sheriff Fontoura said.

Handy was placed under arrest and into handcuffs.  He was led back into the residence to put on his clothes.

“Handy requested that our detectives provide him with a particular shirt, sweatpants, and shoes which were nearby his bed and a specific coat that was hanging in his closet.  All articles of clothing were searched before handing them over to the suspect,” Fontoura pointed out.  “In searching the coat, our officers discovered and seized a fully loaded, .25 caliber, Raven semi-automatic handgun.”

As a result of the arrest, Handy was further charged with the unlawful possession of a weapon and resisting arrest by flight.  He was lodged at the Essex County jail where he awaits a bail hearing and extradition proceedings to New York on the prior gun charges.