Emergency Medical Technicians

Emergency Medical Technicians

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The Essex County Sheriff’s Courts Division also serves our citizens by providing emergency medical treatment to all who may require these services at the court facility.

While all Essex County Sheriff’s officers are trained as emergency first responders, we maintain a cadre of officers who are fully certified as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). In addition to their volunteer EMT duties, all of our officers have full-time law enforcement assignments.

Our EMT officers are strategically assigned to various courts throughout the facility. When notified by radio, our EMTs respond with fully equipped medical bags which are with them at all times.

Sheriff’s EMT officers respond to more than 500 emergency calls for medical assistance every year. Our EMTs provide vital medical treatment for persons who experience a wide range of health problems, including heart attacks, broken bones, dizzy spells and abrasions.

The Essex County Sheriff’s Office is extremely proud of the outstanding emergency medical services that our EMT officers provide to the public and those who work at the court facility.