Law Unit

Law Unit

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Personnel assigned to the Law Unit process various types of writs of execution, such as writs of replevin, wage claims, appraisals of property and personal property sales, and writs of possession.

In the Writ of Execution section of this unit, levies are made upon real property, including houses and lots, and personal property, such as household goods, business equipment and personal items. After levies are made upon properties, they are sold at public auction which, by law, must be advertised and posted prior to the sale.

Upon completion of the auction and calculation of all costs, fees and commissions, a bill of sale is prepared for the successful bidder and the original writ of execution is returned to the court.

In the Writ of Possession section of this unit, all writs are entered into our computerized records management system. Personnel assigned to this section forward two copies of letters to any and all parties ordered evicted from a property.