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Fugitive Squad

Fugitive Squad detectives execute bench warrants which are arrest orders issued by the Superior Court. Bench warrants are issued when persons charged with criminal offenses or those temporarily released on bail fail to appear in court during any stage of criminal prosecution.

Arrest warrants are also issued by Superior Court judges for those persons who have been indicted by the Grand Jury and those persons attempting to flee prosecution. These warrants are categorized as Fugitive Warrants and it is the job of the Fugitive Squad detectives to locate and arrest these individuals. Fugitive Squad detectives will search and track fugitives across the nation and around the globe.

If the fugitive is apprehended by another law enforcement agency, Sheriff’s detectives will travel to wherever the fugitive was arrested and return him or her to the jurisdiction of the Essex Vicinage of the Superior Court.

Juvenile Squad and Missing Persons

The Essex County Sheriff’s Juvenile Squad executes Juvenile Warrants issued by Family Court judges to those underage persons who will not be tried in court as adults.

Detectives from this unit also investigate missing persons cases. These cases are usually investigated by municipal police departments. But, when contact is lost with family members for an extended period of time or when the jurisdiction or origin of a case is unclear, Sheriff’s detectives will conduct the investigation.

Domestic Relations Squad

While highly publicized and coordinated statewide raids for the non-payment of child support occurs throughout New Jersey twice a year, the real work and effectiveness of our Domestic Relations Squad for Essex County families manifests itself on a day-in and day-out basis.

In Essex County, raids and arrests of “deadbeat” fathers and mothers take place every day and are designed to ensure that the rights of our children are fully accommodated in accordance with Superior Court orders.

Detectives from the Domestic Relations Squad are also responsible for executing civil court arrest warrants, violations of probation and civil orders for arrest.

Domestic Violence Enforcement Squad

Battered, frightened and abused spouses and children redress the Superior Court every day in an effort to obtain domestic violence enforcement orders.

When a Temporary Restraining Order is issued, the order is served by detectives from the Essex County Sheriff’s Domestic Violence Enforcement Squad so that the offending party is placed on notice that he or she must not violate the court’s order.

Detectives from this squad are also required to seize all weapons which the offender in domestic violence cases may possess upon issuance of the Permanent Restraining Order by the court.