Veterans Courthouse

Veterans Courthouse

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The Veterans Courthouse is a major hub of activity for the Essex County Sheriff’s Office. This facility contains the Superior Court’s adult criminal venues and is headquarters for the Essex County Sheriff’s Office and the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office.

Essex County criminal courts are the busiest in New Jersey and are among the busiest judicial vicinages in our nation. Approximately 35% of the state’s criminal cases are adjudicated by the Essex County Superior Court.

Security at the Veterans Courthouse is of paramount importance for the Essex County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff’s officers assigned to courtrooms ensure order so that our criminal justice system can function without interference.

The number of officers assigned to each courtroom varies and is predicated by such factors as the defendants in custody and the nature of the charges against them. Some defendants, if convicted, will spend the rest of their lives behind bars. Often, high profile cases attract wide media and public attention. Very frequently, these cases are highly charged emotionally and are considered “high risk” trials where extra security precautions are necessary. It is not unusual for three or four “high risk” trials to simultaneously come before the court’s Criminal Division.